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The N.S.S. Unit was sanctioned to the college in 2010-11. This unit has provided an opportunity to the students to understand the problems of the community, use their knowledge and strengths for solving the problems and develop a sense of social responsibility and good citizenship. Shri D.B. Bhosale worked as Programme Officer of N.S.S. unit during the period from 2010 to 2015. From the academic year 2015-16 Shri A.S. Kamble has been working as the Programme Officer.

NSS Activities of the College at a glance.

A. Social Awareness Campaigns

1.The N.S.S. volunteers of our college organized ―Health and Public
Sanitation‖ awareness Rally on 15th January 2011.
2.The N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Save Environment‖ Rally on 18th
January 2011.
3.All N.S.S. volunteers participated in Conservation of Nature
rally organized on 12th January 2012.
4.Our volunteers participated in Rally ―Public and Personal Sanitation
and Hygiene‖ on 13th January 2012.
5.The N.S.S. volunteers of our colleges organized ―Save Tree Save
Nature‖ Rally on 22nd January 2013
6.The N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Nature Pollution Awareness‖
Rally on 7.08th February 2014.
8.Our N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Protection of Environment‖
Rally organized on 11th February 2014.
9.All N.S.S. volunteers participated in the Rally organized under ―Gram
Swachata Abhiyan‖ (clean village mission) on 21st January 2015.
10.The N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Tree Plantation and Environment
Promotion‖ organized on 5th October 2015.
11.N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Computer Literacy and Clean India‖
Rally organized on 5th October 2015.
12.N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Clean India- Healthy India‖
Rally organized on 16th January 2016.
13.N.S.S. volunteers participated in ―Save Girl Child and
Educate Girl Child‖ Rally organized on 10th March 2016.

A social Awareness campaigns

• All N.S.S Volunteers participated – Health awareness Rally on 16th July
• The N.S.S Volunteers participated in ¬ - Constitute Awareness rally
organized by N.S.S department on the occasion of constitute day on 26
Nov 2016.
• All N.S.S Volunteers participated in – voters awareness rally organized by
Tahsildar office, Gaganbawda and department of N.S.S Anandi college,
Gaganbawda on 25 January 2017.
• All N.S.S Volunteers participated in – rally organised on Rain water
harvesting on 16th Feb 2017 at Bhutalwadi (Gaganbawda).
All N.S.S Volunteers participated in- Save Gril Child rally organized on 17th Feb 2017 at Saitawde (Gaganbawda). All N.S.S Volunteers participated in – Voters Awareness Rally organized on 18th Feb 2017 at Saitawde (Gaganbawda).

Enrichment Programmes

Sr. No. Subject Date Resource Person
1 The Great Shivaji 13-01-2011 Mr. Uday More
2 Woman Empowerment 14-01-2011 Mrs. M.B. Awate
3 Save Girl Child 15-01-2011 Mrs. M.B. Awate
4 Need of Positive Thinking 16-01-2011 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
5 Importance of Education 17-01-2011 Mrs. Farida Bhobate
6 Today’s Youth and Addiction 18-01-2011 Mrs. Milind Potadar
7 Role of Youth in N.S.S. 09-01-2012 Mrs. Milind Potadar
8 Education and Today’s Youth 10-01-2012 Mr. S.B. Patil
9 Role of Youth in Financial Inclusion 11-01-2012 Mr. R.M. Dange
10 Personality Development 12-01-2012 Mr. Dattatray Bolave
11 Save Girl Child 13-01-2012 Mrs. Vandana Paitl
12 Marathi Literature and Society 14-01-2012 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
13 Positive Thinking 22-01-2013 Mr. J.S. Jadhav
14 Save Girl Child Mission 23-01-2013 Mr. Sardar Sarnobat
15 Addiction and Today’s Youth 25-01-2013 Mrs. Milind Potadar
16 Media and Youth 07-02-2014 Mr. R.R. Kupale
17 Positive Thinking 08-02-2014 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
18 Challenges Before Youth 09-02-2014 Mr. K.M. Jadhav
19 Importance of Education 10-02-2014 Mrs. Farida Bhobate
20 Addiction: A Social Problem 11-02-2014 Mrs. Milind Potadar
21 Save Girl Child 19-01-2015 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
22 Challenges of 21st Century 20-01-2015 Mrs. Dr. Vidhya Desai
23 Marathi Literature and Society 21-01-2015 Mr. Ashok Patil
24 Positive Approach 22-01-2015 Mr. Vilas Patil
25 Importance of Education 23-01-2015 Mrs. Milind Potadar
26 Youth Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 24-01-2015 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
27 Role of Teachers 05-09-2015 Mr. D.B. Bhosale
28 Importance of N.S.S. 24-09-2015 Asst. Prof. A.S. Kamble
29 Medicinal Plants and Their Use 12-09-2015 Mr. Anil Chougale
30 Gandhi’s Role in Development of Nation 02-10-2015 Prin. Dr. N.V. Shaha
31 Entrepreneurship and Youth 19-10-2015 Mr. Chandrakant Sadadekar
32 Empowerment of Rural Women 03-01-2016 Dr. V.S. Desai
33 English Skill Development 07-01-2016 Mr. Mohan Nikam
34 Rural SHGS and Financial Inclusion 16-01-2016 Mr. R.M. Dange
35 Abolishment of Superstition: Need of the Hour 18-01-2016 Mr. Krushana Kore
36 Women and Their Health Problems 19-01-2016 Mrs. Shilpa Lathe
37 Information of Agriculture Schemes of Government 20-01-2016 Mr. M.S. Shingare
38 Organic Farming 21-01-2016 Mr. N.S. Parit
39 Careers In Competitive Exam 27-01-2016 Dr. Rajan Kamble
40 Opportunities After 12th Standard 28-01-2016 Dr. P.S Chougale